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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Finding the right Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is of paramount importance in order to provide employees the protection that is necessary if they are sued while performing their job duties. In addition, it is also important for corporations to carry additional types of coverage that are separate but related to Directors and Officers Liability Insurance. Utilizing the right company to get the insurance that is required in order to protect valuable assets is a key component of operating continuously without having to worry about interruptions due to lawsuits. Utilizing a company that can provide various types of insurance as well as specialized packages that are specific to each individual situation, such as Insure All NYC Agency, is an imperative part of building responsible business practices.

It should be noted that Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is not the same thing as Errors and Omissions Liability. Errors and Omissions is concerned with job negligence, while Directors and Officers Liability protects staff members who are acting within their scope of practice while performing their job duties. Ideally, corporations should carry both types of insurance as a means of protecting their assets.

Various types of coverage that are available in conjunction with Directors and Officers Liability includes coverage for large financial risks, including employment practices, Fiduciary, and Crime that can be included in one policy with Directors and Officers Liability. In addition, a policy can be designed that also includes Errors and Omissions Liability along with Security and Privacy. Because the package can be tailored to fit specific needs, it may also be possible to include additional coverage for retired independent directors of a corporation.

Several additional specifications can be made within the policy to cover environmental mismanagement, employment claims, mediation and extradition. Moreover, independent contractors as well as lawyers and subsidiary groups of a corporation can also be covered under one umbrella package. This not only saves the client money but also makes the process much more simple and easy to handle, both when designing the policy and later on.

Having a company that can work with each individual corporation in order to find the best policy strategy is imperative. Insure All NYC Agency has a special staff that is able to sit down and help determine the specifics that should be included within each policy in order to provide the best protection at the best price. Do not hesitate to make sure that all of your insurance needs are covered. Contact a member of Insure All NYC Agency today.
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